By Katie Reilly
September 6, 2016

In a new interview on Monday, Hillary Clinton criticized Donald Trump’s meeting last week with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto as a “diplomatic incident.”

“He came out saying one thing, and the Mexican president contradicted him almost immediately,” Clinton said in an interview with ABC News, referring to conflicting claims made by Trump and Peña Nieto about their discussion. Trump said they did not discuss payment for the wall he has promised to build along Mexico’s border, while Peña Nieto said he told Trump during the meeting that Mexico has no intention of paying for the wall.

“He didn’t raise it, so he did choke. He didn’t know how to even communicate effectively with a head of state. And I think that’s a pretty clear outcome from that trip,” Clinton said.

Clinton’s running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, called the trip an “international embarrassment.”

“If you’re gonna cave when you’re with an ally, and Mexico’s an ally, what are you gonna do when you’re with an adversary?” Kaine said during the ABC News interview. “You shouldn’t leave the safety of America and our diplomacy in the hands of a rookie who, on his one visit with a foreign leader, has already created kind of an international embarrassment for us.”

In his own interview with ABC News on Monday, Trump reiterated his claim that Mexico will pay for the wall and dismissed Clinton’s criticism.

“So let me just tell you about choking. I don’t choke. She chokes,” Trump said. “Look at the deals she’s made. She’s responsible for so many bad things that have happened to our country.”

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