September 5, 2016 1:59 PM EDT

Labor Day is a commemoration of the many sacrifices and accomplishments of the American labor movement, but most people know it for the fashion rule that bans wearing white after Labor Day. In a new web-exclusive video, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has a few other suggestions for things people should stop doing after Labor Day.

Oliver isn’t just talking about the annual temporary ban on white clothes, however; he wants people to stop doing some things forever. First up on Oliver’s hit list: saying “that’s interesting” in response to a decidedly non-interesting story.

“From now on, when someone tells you a boring story, simply say ‘bless you’ as if you were just sneezed on, because that’s what hearing about someone’s travel delay feels like,” Oliver said.

Oliver’s next suggestion was even more drastic: No more winking.

“A wink is a gesture that is somehow both deeply sexual and incredibly unsexy,” Oliver said. “Like licking a pine cone. I think I know how you want me to take that, but I am profoundly not onboard. Or am I? See, the point is, it’s gross. No more of that until the end of time.”

Watch the video above. Last Week Tonight returns to HBO Sep. 25.

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