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The New Science of Exercise

Putting the Camera Aside

A Disgruntled Iran Causes Trouble

Don’t Believe the New Myths About America’s White Working Class

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Smugglers are putting refugees on rafts that have virtually no chance of completing the dangerous Mediterranean crossing–turning every rescue into a life-or-death mission to save hundreds of migrants

The New Politics of Gun Control

Democrats are finally leaning in, while Republicans talk compromise

Russia’s President Putin Casts Himself as Protector of the Faith

My Brother Evan Was Born Female. He Came Out As Transgender 16 Years Ago but Never Stopped Wanting to Have a Baby. This Spring He Gave Birth to His First Child

When the call came, my brother was at work in the open office in Cambridge, Mass., he shares with seven colleagues who, like him, help run clinical trials for a drug developer. The phone number came up blocked, so he knew it must be the doctor. He stood up, unsteady on his feet. Was he a little nauseous? Or was that just adrenaline? He ducked into the hallway in search of quiet.

One Size Fits None

Inside the fight to take back the fitting room

I Now Have Scientific Proof of How Awesome I Really Am-and You Can Too

Emily Blunt’s Deep Dive

Not-So-Close Encounters

A mysterious blip of energy seemingly from deep space was detected by a Russian radio telescope, leading some to suspect alien contact. But abnormal signals have been misinterpreted before.

The Future of Handwriting

We Shouldn’t Dismiss People Who Deny Facts

Netflix’s Take on Royals May Be a Crowning Achievement

The Anthropocene Should Bring Awe-and Act As a Warning

Behind the Whirlwind Rise of Beatlemania In Eight Days a Week

Disney’s Next Heroine: The Anti-Princess

Theater Calendar

How to Find Your Best, Most Unfussy Workout

Experts recommend that everyone get a mix of cardio and strength training, neither of which requires a pricey gym membership. Here are six simple workouts with proven health benefits.

Political Incorrectness Is Just a Strategy

When Donald Trump and others lambast correctness, they’re just distracting from real issues


Issa Rae’s Breakout Moment

How Peace-Finally-Came to Reign Throughout the Western Hemisphere

A Candidate In Utah Blazes a Trail Just by Being Herself

Gene Wilder

Comic Actor of Pure Imagination

Why Self-Driving Trucks May Be the Next Big Thing on the Road

Apple’s $14.5 Billion Tax Spat Signals a World of Uncertainty for Big Corporations

EpiPen Scandal Is Yet Another Sign of Coming Pharma Crisis

Valeant, Turing, Theranos and Mylan show the fallout of epic greed. The victim? American consumers

‘Racist’ Technology Is a Bug – Not a Crime

Why do we consider it our jobs to say that mistakes indicate ‘racism’?

For the Record

A Looming Power Vacuum Threatens Uzbekistan

This Just In

A roundup of new and noteworthy insights from the week’s most talked-about studies:


Foer’s Family Drama

A Safer Sandy Hook School

Keys In the Song of Life

Tales of a Kids’-Lit Power Couple

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