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Actor/director/lovable fellow John Krasinski and late-night host/comedian/lovable fellow Stephen Colbert had a nice time on Colbert’s Late Show Tuesday night — up until Shakespeare became involved. Then, everything went south.

According to Colbert, Krasinski is a master of the art form that is the “puke take,” also known as fake vomiting. So naturally Colbert decided to put Krasinski’s acting skills to the test on this count, and in the process chose to involve himself, both of their wives, and the good old Bard Billy Shakespeare in some classic regurgitative comedy.

“Emily, shall I compare thee to a summer’s d—” Krasinski starts off his profession of love to his wife, actress Emily Blunt, before gagging inelegantly. It’s all downhill from there, as the two take turns reciting romantic sonnets and holding down (faux) bile. It’s a little bit too believable. Recommendation: do not watch before eating. If you do watch, though, the fun picks up at the 3-minute 30-second mark.


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