Is This Monkey the New Incarnation of Voldemort?

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Harry Potter better watch out, it looks like Lord Voldemort has returned—in the shape of a tiny monkey.

The Dark Lord’s lookalike was born at the Paignton Zoo in Devon, England, according to Mirror. Ever since the monkey’s birth was announced, people around the world have noticed a striking similarity to Harry Potter’s archenemy. Potter fans have been studying the photos on Twitter, searching for a death mark or some other sign as to the monkey’s true identity, whose birth is well-timed with the news that three new Potter books are on the horizon.

Technically the newborn primate, a girl, is a king colobus monkey who will eventually be covered in a thick coat of black and white hair that will mask her true identity as the mortal enemy of J.K. Rowling’s hero. The tiny thing was born via c-section after her mother experienced pregnancy complications, Mirror reported. (Talk about a cursed child!) It was the first time the zoo had performed the operation on a primate. Wouldn’t it be just like Voldemort to nearly kill his mother? Perhaps the zookeepers should put the monkey’s cage near the snake enclosure to see if she can speak parseltongue or has it out for a teenage boy.

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