Director Michael Moore during a Late Night With Seth Meyers interview on Aug. 29, 2016.
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August 30, 2016 11:00 AM EDT

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore said he was “played” by Donald Trump the first time they met, almost 20 years ago.

In an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday, Moore said he first met Trump in 1998, when both men appeared as guests on Roseanne Barr’s talk show.

A producer pulled Moore aside before the show and asked him to help calm Trump, who was nervous about appearing alongside Moore, who was already developing a reputation for going after big business.

“It’s 1998, I don’t even know the guy. I’m from Michigan, you know. So I walk over to him, and I said, ‘Mr. Trump, it’s Michael Moore.’ And I shook his hand, and it’s all clammy,” Moore said.

“I don’t remember the size of the hand,” he added.

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Moore said he assured Trump he had nothing to worry about, saying they were just going to “go out there and have some fun with Roseanne.”

“In the years since, I’ve thought, jeez, he is good—because he played me,” Moore said. “I didn’t go after him or his real estate here or any of that stuff.”

Moore—who originally endorsed former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and has since voiced concern that Trump will win—said he was much nicer to Trump during their Roseanne appearance than he otherwise might have been.

“I felt sorry for him,” he said, “and the hands were so wet.”

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