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Marvel’s New Video Shows What Thor Was Up To During Captain America: Civil War

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What was Thor up to when his friends from the Avengers were at war with one another in Captain America: Civil War?

During the Marvel Studios panel at Comic-Con in July, fans got a peek into his downtime while everyone else was taking up sides between Team Cap and Team Iron Man. That video — Team Thor — has now been released publicly.

While Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi is currently shooting that third film in the Thunder God saga, he had time to craft a Thor mockumentary in the style of his vampire spoof, What We Do in the Shadows, with Chris Hemsworth having a dorky roommate, Darryl, who helps him send peacemaking emails to Captain America and Iron Man during their Civil War clash.

It’s hard to stay in touch with his friends on Earth, you see. Thor doesn’t have a phone — so he can’t send his own emails and texts. “Send a raven,” he suggests.

“Am I disappointed that they didn’t invite me to fight with them?” the Thunder God asks in the parody. “… No,” he answers softly. “I’ll just start my own team. Team Thor. And it will just be me. And Darryl.”

Thor has a conspiracy theory bulletin board trying to figure out what the “big purple guy” who “doesn’t like standing up” is trying to do with a big golden glove and the infinity stones.

He also has lunch with Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner, who complains he doesn’t understand why he keeps “waking up in cut-offs.”

At Comic-Con, the joke ends with glimpses of pre-vis special effects and concept art, including Hulk charging into an arena wearing a gladiator helmet and armor and wielding a massive battleaxe — the look of his warrior monster in the Planet Hulk comics.

But in this video … no such luck. That preview will have to wait for another day.

This article originally appeared at EW.com.

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