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Now There’s An ‘Xbox Onesie’ Designed to Optimize Your Couch Potato Experience

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If you spend a lot of time in front of video consoles, you might want to consider a specialized outfit for your hobby. At least, Xbox Australia thinks you will — and so they’ve developed an article of clothing that they believe will be the answer to every couch potato’s needs.

It’s called the ‘Xbox Onesie,’ and it is indeed a onesie.

“The result… what can only be described as the perfect loungewear attire for true entertainment fans!” their statement reads. Step aside, Snuggie: there’s a new all-purpose shapeless garment in town.

Features of the one-piece jumpsuit include “enlarged pockets” for your Xbox controller and TV remote, an arm pouch for your cell phone, forearm grips “to prevent slipping on those ‘edge of your seat’ moments,'” and an “extra-large hood” so you can fit in a headset “for the ultimate gaming sessions.” The arms and legs of the onesie are also “roll-able,” the release notes, “to cater for all temperatures and seasons.”

It’s unclear when (or if) this unique garment will be available to the public; Microsoft is currently promoting their new console, the Xbox One S, right alongside it. But internet denizens are clamoring for the item, and at least one person posted a photo to Twitter wearing one in the flesh.

Of course, one Twitter user brought us all back to reality.




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