All These Olympic Athletes Had Identical Matching Bags So Baggage Claim Was Impossible

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While there’s been plenty of buzz about the matching outfits and uniforms that each country’s team debuted at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Great Britain decided to take it one step further by giving their athletes matching luggage in a bright shade of red that screamed, “Rule Brittannia!” to any and all who passed by.

In the spirit of the intense team unity and hyper nationalism touted by each of the countries at the games, this probably seemed like a great idea, but in the waning afterglow at the baggage claim back at Heathrow, it probably seemed less clever as Team Great Britain was surrounded by more red than the Starks at the Red Wedding.

While the 320 British athletes who participated in the games looked for their bags, some took a break to give us updates on the situation.

Rower Matt Langridge found the task of finding his luggage more daunting than the games.

Windsurfer Nick Dempsey found the humor in the situation.

While sailors Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark made no secret of their impression of the situation.

Haven’t heard this one before, Alex Gregory.

So. Many. Red. Bags.

Even the official Team Great Britain Twitter account got in on the joke.


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