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Why Hillary Clinton’s Email Problem Isn’t Going Away

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If you only read one thing: Hillary Clinton’s email problems aren’t going away, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported Monday that it had found nearly 15,000 messages and documents from her time at the State Department that were not turned over after she revealed the existence of her private server. Clinton attorneys deleted thousands of emails they claimed were personal, after running a series of searches to pull out obviously work-related messages. It is as yet unclear whether any of those new documents are federal records, which would indicate that Clinton may have violated federal records laws. Either way, the next tranche of those documents are scheduled to be released before Election Day, keeping the saga in the news all the way through November 8. Meanwhile a separate batch of documents from top Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s account shows how donors to the Clinton Foundation received special access, if not favors, from the State Department during Clinton’s tenure.

Donald Trump is trying to keep the pressure on Clinton over the foundation and her emails to the extent that he can. In prepared statements and speeches he’s called for a special prosecutor to investigate her, but his off-the-cuff remarks and tweets have him swinging at morning cable anchors.

Trump also appears to be revising his position on illegal immigration—perhaps the defining issue of his primary campaign—canceling a planned Colorado speech on the issue Thursday as his campaign manager said his position was “to be determined.” On Monday, Trump and his aides maintained he wasn’t flip-flopping on the issue, but then described an enforcement similar to the Obama Administration’s existing policy for prioritizing the removal of violent offenders.

Meet Trump’s new campaign manager. Melania threatens a lawsuit. And the Biden doctrine.

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