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Aaron Paul and Eleven from Stranger Things Had the Most Adorable Chat Ever

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Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul is obsessed with the show of the summer, Stranger Things. So Elle.com got him on the phone with Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, and it was perfect.

To say these two got on like gangbusters is an understatement. Paul opened the conversation with “first of all, I love you,” and it was off to the races from there. Thankfully, Paul, her self-described “massive fan,” didn’t pretend to be cool about the whole thing. After all, he had the bully-conquering, kid genius herself on the horn.

They talked auditions (Eleven’s totally based off of E.T.!), her new fame (she gets recognized sometimes, but her hair’s back!), and trying telepathy in real life (“I’d love to be able to be like, I’m gonna flip a van today!” she says.) Turns out, Brown is so cool that she could totally live without her cell phone, just like an ’80s kid, Eggos make her want to throw up and Brown might ditch her own family to live with Paul now.

“Listen: Me and Aaron have arranged a dinner in L.A. in two weeks’ time. Now, you bring the adoption papers. I’ll bring my suitcase,” she tells his wife. Brown says she doesn’t have any details on the show’s future either, but the creators told Entertainment Weekly they’re dreaming of Harry Potter longevity.

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