Here’s How ‘No Man’s Sky’ Looks in Glorious 4K

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No Man’s Sky already looks phenomenal on Sony’s PlayStation 4, where it runs at the conventional high-definition 1080p TV standard. But the PC version is dropping Friday, Aug. 12, and when it does, you’ll have the option to crank the detail settings way up, including the resolution to 4K (3840×2160 pixels). If, of course, your display’s up to the task.

To celebrate, Nvidia released two screens depicting all the lovely tweak-able parameters, including anti-aliasing (smoothing edges), anisotropic filtering (more congruous distant textures) and the option to tweak field-of-view (on PlayStation 4, it’s locked at a setting that limits peripheral vision). Nvidia is also sharing a handful of 4K screenshots that show off what those settings can do. As you’d expect, they’re breathtaking.

A glimpse of things to come when Sony’s 4K-angled PlayStation “Neo” arrives? We’ll see. It’d require Hello Games’ support, obviously. Perhaps we’ll find out at the presumptive PlayStation Neo outing on September 7.

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