Elinor Carucci’s Take on the Humanity of Photography

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We asked Israeli-American photographer Elinor Carucci, whose book, Mother, chronicled her pregnancy and her relationship with her twins, to delve into the power of photography.

A faculty member of the graduate program at the School of Visual Arts with work held in permanent collections of museums across the world, Carucci says she’s looking for universality in her own work. “I am looking to go deeper,” she tells TIME. “Beyond the façade of what we see into I guess the core of who we are.”

Watch this TIME video to hear Carucci’s take.

The Most Intimate Dance: Elinor Carucci's Photos of Motherhood

Induced, 2004Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
Holding Eden for the first time, 2004Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
The first week, 2004Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
Bath, 2006Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
Bruised mouth, 2007Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
Father and daughter, 2009Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
My guilt, 2010Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
Smile, 2012Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
Cutting off father’s beard, 2012Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
Kissing my son, 2007Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
Monday morning, mother of two 2010Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
We will never speak to each other ever again, 2010Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
Brushing hair, 2010Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
The roles, 2012Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
Love, 2011Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
Holding Emmanuelle, 2008Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
Mother’s love, 2012Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE
My empty belly, 2012Elinor Carucci—INSTITUTE

Elinor Carucci is an Israeli-American photographer known for her intimate images of motherhood.

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