By Cady Lang
August 10, 2016

Ryan Lochte made waves when he debuted icy blue, platinum locks before heading to Rio for the Olympic games, but his dramatic style has gone awry thanks to Lochte’s sport.

As any platinum or peroxide blonde will tell you, there’s one cardinal rule that all manufactured towheads must follow: avoid chlorinated pools at all costs. The pool’s chemicals turn sparkling white blonde hair into sickly green strands.

Apparently, no one bothered to tell Lochte that, who has probably spent more time in the pool since he got his hair bleached than out of it and his hair has definitely been feeling the effects, as seen in his latest Instagram that celebrates his victory in the 4×200 free relay.

Lucky for Lochte, however, a gold medal looks good with hair of any hue, whether blue, green, or blonde.


We’d advise Lochte to grab some purple shampoo before his hair really turns the color of Rio’s diving pool.

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