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Dolphin Snatches iPad Right Out of Tourist’s Hand at SeaWorld

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A dolphin at SeaWorld in Orlando decided to use its impressive intelligence to have a little fun with one of the spectators circling its tank. In a video shot by another bystander, during a portion of the dolphin show where onlookers can touch the dolphins, a dolphin can be seen snatching the iPad out of the hands of one of the viewers and hauling it into the water. When its rightful owner tried to grab the iPad back, the dolphin splashed her, before tossing the iPad into the water. (Perhaps after it saw the news of a dolphin dying surrounded by tourists vying for a selfie?)

As the dolphin swam away seeming to chuckle, the woman quickly grabbed the iPad out of the water and hopefully ran home to try this trick to save a wet device. “That’s what you get for using your iPad to take a picture,” said one of the news anchors, speaking for us all.

[H/T Fox 13]

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