Meryl Streep Doesn’t Get Donald Trump: ‘What’s Wrong With Half of Everybody?’

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Actor Meryl Streep has made her support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton known, and in an interview on Friday, she expressed confusion over Donald Trump’s rise to the Republican nomination.

“I just keep thinking, ‘What’s wrong with half of everybody?’” she told The Wrap. “What is wrong?”

She said she took some solace in the fact that so few Americans actually voted in the primary elections that led to Trump’s nomination.

“If you look at the body politic as an actual human being, the head, the neck and the shoulders can’t vote — they’re children, or incarcerated, they aren’t allowed to vote,” Streep said. “Then there’s the group that can but they don’t, and that’s all the way down to the groin. They just don’t vote. And then from about the thigh down are people who vote in the general election, but they don’t vote in the primaries. And then down at the feet, from the ankle down, is whose fault this is.”

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“It’s the feet. The left foot, frankly,” Streep said of Trump’s supporter. “It’s just one bad foot.”



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