Actor Jonah Hill is probably best known as the very funny comic relief in many movies, from The Wolf of Wall Street to Superbad. But in candid paparazzi snaps, you’ll often find him far from laughter. In fact, he generally looks downright dour. So in a new profile for The New York Times, Hill clears the air about his facial expressions once and for all.

“I have resting b*tch face,” he explains in the profile. “I really do. It’s heartbreaking. I don’t mean anything by it.” He continues: “I know I look really pissed off, but I’m not.”

This “resting b*tch face,” or RBS as it’s colloquially known, is a standard (and standardly insupportable) complaint against figures in the public eye — especially women. Perhaps that’s why Hill appears extra-sensitive to slights against those of a female persuasion. In the profile, in which Hill and the Times reporter spend an afternoon playing ping pong, an attendant asks why Hill is losing at the ball game to the female reporter.

“That’s not a very feminist attitude, my friend,” Hill rebukes him.

You can see Hill’s latest display of RBS in a prank played by Leonardo di Caprio on the unsuspecting actor while chilling on a Manhattan street, or in the gallery of snapshots collected above.


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