A Brief History of Rihanna Accessorizing With Wine Glasses

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It’s a well-established fact that besides being the world’s coolest Trekkie, Rihanna is a badass. And in true badass fashion, she really cannot be bothered to care about open container laws when she is enjoying a fine glass of wine, which has been well-documented by the paparazzi. This fact was not lost on Josh Edwards of MTV, who thoughtfully put together a timeline of our queen living her best life, often en route and with a glass of vino in hand.

Oftentimes, Rihanna’s wine glass lends an extra fillip of style and sophistication to an outfit that was already slaying, a fact that was not lost on fellow badass Martha Stewart who also recently rocked the wineglass as accessory look. While it’s not advised that mere mortals attempt this trend outside of New Orleans, here’s a look back at Rihanna’s best sartorial wine glass moments.

Here Rihanna is rocking Balenciaga with what one might assume is a dry Riesling.

Rihanna also coordinates her makeup to her beverage; here, a dark lip with a full-bodied red.

Pajamas out in public? Lingerie as a top? Wine out in the streets? All in a day for Bad Gal Ri Ri.

This is an excellent question, but Rihanna is too carefree to care.

Come rain, come sleet, come snow, there’s still one constant in Rihanna’s life.

And she’s down to hit the bottle, no matter what the occasion.

Color coordination at its finest — notice the matching lip, dress and wine glass combo.

Canadian tuxedo looks are perfectly accessorized with a glass of chilled white wine.

And the only thing more full than her wine glass are her sleeves.


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