July 28, 2016 12:14 PM EDT

James Corden hosted a rap battle on Wednesday night’s Late Late Show with three contenders: Cara Delevingne, Dave Franco, and the host himself.

Everyone hit each other with some truly below the belt disses. Corden and Delevingne went hard on Franco’s fame levels, and for most of the smackdown, Franco and Delevingne relied on jokes about the host’s look.

Both Corden and Franco really laid into the model-actress’s foray into acting. Franco was even bold enough to give Delevingne’s signature brows the business. “You think that you’re an actor in movies right now, trying to hide an accent thicker than your eyebrows.” But ultimately, the men were no match for Delevingne’s third-degree burns. She hit Franco with, “oh you’re here too. I’m like America, I never noticed you.”

Best line of the night goes to her for saying: “you’re both shorter than me, and I think that you’ll find, I’ve hooked up with hotter girls than both of you combined.”

Watch below.

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