By Megan Lasher
July 28, 2016

Our days of being protected by VP Joe Biden are nearing an end: no longer will we listen to his addresses on how we can be better people, and we likely will see less of his dad-like admiration for ice cream. But there is a potential new Vice Papa we can look to, and his name is Tim Kaine.

During Kaine’s address at the Democratic National Convention, people took to Twitter to point out his overwhelming dadishness. Not only does he have Santa Claus eyes, but his dad jokes are on point. He just seems like the kind of guy who would learn how to braid his daughter’s hair—and we’re all his daughter—or take his son’s football team out for pizza after the game—and we’re all his son. Everyone on Twitter thinks so.

But, like all dads, Kaine is super embarrassing. Earlier this week, other Twitter users uncovered old photos that made all of his pseudo-children want to crawl under a rock and die of humiliation. Our father? A hot man? Impossible. No, can’t deal.

Yes, Pa Kaine, we promise we’ll always drive with our hands at ten and two.


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