Watch Tom Harkin Show Delegates How to Sign ‘America’

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Former Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin taught delegates how to say “America” in sign language during the Democratic national convention Tuesday.

During a presentation on the Americans with Disabilities Act, a law he championed in Congress, Harkin spoke about how he learned sign language from his older brother, Frank, who was deaf.

As delegates followed Harkin’s lead and interlaced their fingers, he told them to move their hands in a circle. “That is the sign for America,” Harkin said as he held up his hands while addressing the crowd.

He then said there is still work that needs to be for people who are disabled, arguing that Congress needs to help more people who have disabilities enter the workforce while ensuring they are paid fairly for their work.

“We still have a way to go before we can build a truly inclusive America,” Harkin said.

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