By Raisa Bruner
July 25, 2016

In a new behind-the-scenes clip, the Game of Thrones moral center/honorable hero Kit Harington lets us in on a secret: it’s fun to play the bad guy, for once.

That’s just what he gets to do for the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare game, where he’s cast as the villainous Admiral Salen Kotch. The new shooter game is set in space, which is good because Harington shares that he’s a “bit of a space freak,” too. But it seems like the best bit of the gig for Harington was the flexibility to move past his usual good-guy role.

“I don’t get to play villains very often. You know, I’ve never played a villain before,” he explains. “I think what’s great with Salen Kotch is that he’s a madman,” adding that like all the best villains, Kotch is “psychotic and unpredictable. And I really enjoyed playing psychotic and unpredictable. It was a really interesting challenge.”

The game character does have one main thing in common with Harington’s well-known Jon Snow, though: he’s not afraid of death. And after this season’s Game of Thrones twist, we know Snow is similarly fearless of what comes next.


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