Thor Will Fight an Armored Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok

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Though Mark Ruffalo has called Thor: Ragnarok an “intergalactic buddy road movie,” a sizzle reel dropped at Comic-Con on Saturday suggests that someone was taking their turn at the steering wheel during the galactic road trip, leading to a major fight. The video, interspersed with concept art and actual footage, ends with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) battling an armored Hulk (Ruffalo).

Marvel also presented some lighter Thor fare. Where were Hulk and Thor during Captain America: Civil War? Director Taika Waititi created a mockumentary about it that they showed exclusively at Comic-Con. In it, Thor hangs out in Australia with a new, non-super roommate named Daryl while the other Avengers were battling one another.

Though Thor claims he’s taking some “me time” he seems eager to return to the fray. He feels slighted when Tony Stark calls Hulk but not him (though admittedly it’s tougher to send Thor a raven than call Hulk on his phone). On Thor’s bedroom hung a board laying out conspiracy theories about what the Infinity Stones are, where they are and how they all connect to his nefarious brother Loki.

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