By Lindsay Kimble / People
July 22, 2016

The case of the lost RNC bling has officially been solved.

After spotting an earring that looked like a pair Ivanka Trump wore during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Friday, one college student took to the Internet.

Annabelle Hopkins, a College of Wooster student, was attending the convention when she found a lone drop earring on the Quicken Loans Arena floor.

The 19-year-old used Twitter to launch a campaign to return the earring to its rightful owner, using the hashtag, “#GetIvankaherEarringBack,” and tagging the 34-year-old in her note.

Later, she even looped in some of the other Trump siblings – who all spoke during the convention – pleading, “Please RT! Help Ivanka get her earring back!”

Hopkins’ efforts caught the attention of one of Trump’s assistants, according toABC News, and a meet-up was arranged at the family’s hotel in Cleveland after the mom-of-three’s Thursday speech.

After posing with Trump for a photo, Hopkins wrote on Twitter, “Thank you for helping us get the earring back to its owner! Only trying to be honest and kind here, life is good.”

And that’s how Ivanka got her earring back.

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