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Mariah Carey performs at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on July 2, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)
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It’s no big secret that Mariah Carey is the foremost diva of our generation, in vocal range and most definitely in behavior. That being said, however, it’s worth begging the question that she posed to Eminem so long ago — why are we so obsessed with Mariah? The answer to that question and arguably many of life’s pressing concerns lies within the treasure trove that is the Elusive Chanteuse’s Instagram feed.

Carey’s Instagram is a glimpse into what life is like when lived at its most fabulous — jet setting, embracing bling, casually hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio. And judging from the captions (not to mention the plethora of hashtags and emoji) accompanying the very candid photos, it’s safe to assume the person running the account is Ms. Carey herself.

For Mariah, life is her sweet, sweet fantasy and we’re just along for the ride. Here are 25 times her Instagram was more fabulous than yours.

Here she is with Leonardo DiCaprio in St. Tropez, in what might be the most perfect Instagram photo of all time. Put this in the Louvre.

Leo’s not her only very fabulous famous friend, however. Mariah hangs out with Queen Bey as well.

And John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have both made memorable appearances on Mariah’s very busy feed.

Mimi also has some of the best #TBTs of all time. Here’s one of her with crimped hair embracing a very young Will Smith.

Carey’s Instagram is a veritable testament to the fact that no one travels in style quite like she does.

Whether she’s on the PJ or a helicopter, MC is casually glam at all times.

If you’re not wearing fishnets and leather minis to travel, you’re not living life.

Full-length gowns are also acceptable flight clothes.

Mariah doesn’t always do private jets and car services. However, she’s down to take public transportation like normal people, but she always keeps her signature style intact.

Carey’s feed is also a study in her affinity for costumes. Here she is documenting when she dressed up like Bianca, her alter ego from the “Heartbreaker” music video for a party where she reportedly made everyone else come dressed up like her.

Mariah also loves Easter and all the festive style opportunities it provides.

Do you think she’ll be able to convince fiancé James Packer to follow suit? Ex-husband Nick Cannon was definitely game.

Carey’s Instagram also gives us a glimpse into her life as a busy businesswoman. She takes calls even when she’s on vacation.

And like any good entrepreneur, she’s not afraid to take action.

She has a glam squad and she’s not afraid to show it.

She likes to pop bottles.

And we should never forget that she has one of the best episodes in MTV Cribs history.

Another important aspect of MC’s lifestyle is her dedication to bling, even when circumstances seem bleak.

More is definitely more in Carey’s book.

All of this glamour, however, doesn’t mean that Carey is immune to good ‘ol domestic bliss. She enjoys cooking — properly attired, of course, in silk lingerie and feather mules.

She enjoys down time as much as she enjoys turning up.

And she’s a family woman, through and through.

But above all, Carey’s Instagram is great because she does it all for the Lambs.



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