By Melissa Locker
July 20, 2016

As the Republican National Convention rolls on, the newly-crowned Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made time to stop by The Tonight Show sort of.

Jimmy Fallon trotted out his Trump impersonation on the show, with his version of Trump also hitting the stage to Queen’s “We Are The Champions” before the music segued into Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”. Fallon’s Trump explained that he wasn’t supposed to be speaking that night, but the keynote speaker, Alf, had to return to his home planet of Melmac unexpectedly (“Sad,” said Trump.)

Fake Trump used his time on the stage to comment on the Convention so far. “Did you see Melania? She stole the show, literally,” he said, also complimenting 80s actor Scott Baio (“I’m going to put Charles in Charge of the nuclear launch codes!”). He finished his speech with a noble attempt to name all his children and even wooed younger voters by releasing a Pokémon. Q-bert is a Pokémon, right?

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