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Good evening from Cleveland, where at 8 p.m. the Republican National Convention will reconvene for its first night of programing. The Trump campaign is hoping to show the candidate’s personal side with Melania Trump’s address designed to have her testify to what he is like when the cameras are off. The theme of the evening is “Make America Safe Again,” and will feature a host of speakers on foreign policy and immigration. Among them: Willie Robertson, Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, actor Scott Baio, two Americans who fought in the Benghazi attack, actor Antonio Sabato, Jr., immigration activist Jamiel Shaw, U.S. Sens. Tom Cotton Jeff Sessions and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Trump will make his inaugural appearance at the convention around the 10 p.m. primetime hour to introduce his wife, Melania, before she delivers her remarks to the convention. The pair will then return to New York, and will fly back to Cleveland Wednesday. Trump is set to be formally nominated by the convention on Tuesday evening.

Monday evening’s program will close with four veterans, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst, who were both considered by Trump as potential running-mates, Jason Beardsley of Concerned Veterans for America and Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke.

What you missed today: #NeverTrump met its end, as the Republican Party approved its rules, which leave in place binding provisions that make Tuesday’s nomination vote nothing but a formality.

What you’ll hear tonight: Many references to building the wall, ISIS, and Benghazi.

What you’ll want to look out for during the speeches: Will anyone mention a ban on Muslims? Will Trump go off script when he introduces his wife? And who will launch their 2020 campaign?

Read TIME’s coverage from the convention below:

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