Never Trump’s Last Stand

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If you only read one thing: A blown aircraft tire stranded Donald Trump in Indiana Tuesday night, and set off a fury of vice presidential speculation, as the presumptive GOP nominee met with veep finalists Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. He also spoke by phone with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who was in D.C. for meetings for the Trump transition, and summoned Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions to his side. Trump has yet to finalize his selection, according to people close to him, with aides, family members, and GOP insiders calling for Pence, while Trump’s gut leads him more toward Christie or Gingrich. One of them will be awarded a rose Friday morning at 11 a.m. in New York, when Trump makes his selection public.

It’s #NeverTrump’s last stand. As the GOP Convention rules committee convenes in Cleveland, the anti-Trump movement is set to exhaust all of its options to dump the bombastic presumptive nominee. The RNC made clear that an amendment would be necessary to unbind the delegates, and thereby open up the possibility of a different selection, but those in favor of the move suffer from a lack of support on the key committee. Stacked with RNC loyalists, party institutionalists, and Trump supporters, the ‘Free the Delegates’ coalition is struggling to come up with the 28 signatures—in the 112-person body—required to send a minority report to the full convention. And even in the unlikely event it get to the floor, the same forces would conspire to defeat them, keeping Trump safely as the nominee.

Hillary Clinton is conducting her own vice presidential audition process, appearing with Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine on Thursday in his home state. It follows similar joint appearances with Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Julián Castro and Sherrod Brown, all listed as possible contenders for the slot.

In TIME’s special GOP Convention issue, on newsstands tomorrow: The man who’s photographed Trump more than any other. What Donald Trump needs to know to be president. And meet the Trump kids.

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