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Watch Bryan Cranston Disguised as a Disruptive Old British Man

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The opening monologues of late-night talk show hosts can sometimes be a bit dull.

So on Seth Meyers’s Late Night last night, his guest Bryan Cranston decided to help the host out and spice it up — by disguising himself as a disruptive member of the audience. Of course, between the obviously fake mustache, hat, three-piece tweed suit, and fake pipe, the Breaking Bad actor’s identity wasn’t exactly a mystery. But he kept up the front for four minutes of funny banter, insisting that he was a crotchety old British gentleman by the name of “Blyan Crampen” and a big fan of the real Cranston, of course.

It’s pretty amusing to see the actor make the attempt to keep up the charade even when things start to go off the rails.

“I wish I was Bryan Cranston, modern day Cassanova, with his ability to make women explode upon the slightest contact,” he says, giving the woman sitting next to him a tiny tap. (She doesn’t explode, but she does become consumed by a fit of giggles.)

Cranston has been doing the rounds lately to promote his new movie, The Infiltrator, which is out this week — and impressions seem to be a running gag, as he recently busted out a spot-on Trump.


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