These Are the 10 Celebrities Who Made the Most Money This Year

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Between world concert tours, major blockbuster releases, and massive contract deals, it’s been a big year for many of our favorite celebrities. Forbes has just released their annual list of highest-paid stars, the Celebrity 100, which tallies earnings between June 2015 and June 2016. When it comes to the top ten celebs, it’s definitely an eclectic bunch of personalities — and they’re all making more than $75 million each. Breadwinners, indeed.

10. Rush Limbaugh: The conservative talk show host has been making bank on the wild antics of a rollercoaster election season, bringing in $79 million.

9. Adele: The singer came back in a big way this year, releasing a highly-anticipated album that broke records for sales in its first week, and departing on a very lucrative stadium tour. She made about $80.5 million.

8. Lionel Messi: One of two athletes to break the top 10, Argentina’s soccer phenomenon remains a consistent presence on the Forbes list, grossing $81.5 million this time around.

7. Howard Stern: With $85 million, the raunchy talk show host is taking his signature controversial style all the way to the bank, thanks to a major Sirius XM Radio deal that will keep him on air for five years.

6. Kevin Hart: As Forbes notes, Kevin Hart is the first comedian to surpass Jerry Seinfeld for income, at $87.5 million. This year also represents a significant jump in wealth for Hart: last year, he just managed to snag the 100th spot.

4. (tie) Cristiano Ronaldo: Ronaldo is still on top as the world’s highest-paid athlete, with $88 million a year. The soccer god just clinched a major EuroCup win for the national team of Portugal, but it’s the Real Madrid team that’s paying out of pocket to keep his prodigious skill on their side. His slew of major sponsorships doesn’t hurt, either.

4. (tie) Dr. Phil McGraw: The helpful TV personality is making more than ever, moving up from last year’s 15th spot as he continues to take cuts from his daytime TV gig, a health app, and medication partnerships.

3. James Patterson: The best-selling author is one of the most prolific writers around, and his impressive output has led him on a steady rise up the earnings ranks. TV adaptations boost the bottom line; he brought in $95 million.

2. One Direction: The heartthrob British boy band may have had a member quit and then decided to take a group hiatus, but the global pop sensation still managed to make it a record year, bringing in $110 million thanks to their stadium tour.

And finally, topping the list is Taylor Swift. Swift, your takeover of the world is complete.

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