Leonardo Dicaprio wearing a white Ralph Lauren Polo shirt in the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street.
Paramount Pictures
By Raisa Bruner
July 7, 2016

We first spotted Leonardo DiCaprio’s doppelgänger back in January, when the Russian lookalike started making headlines because of his strong resemblance to the Oscar-winning Revenant actor.

Well, now the lucky man — Roman Burtsev, a Moscow-area emergency services officer according to the Hollywood Reporter — has cashed in on his thirty seconds of Internet fame as the star of a new ad for Russian vodka brand Pyat Ozer. The ad starts out with Burtsev staring at his reflection in a car’s rearview mirror, to which a picture of the real DiCaprio has been pinned. Soon, though, we realize that Burtsev is no Leo.

“One day you realize your life is but a fake,” a voiceover narrates. Clad in a sweatsuit that displays his substantial frame while driving a fake BMW, a faux girlfriend riding shotgun, Burtsev is clearly not the famous actor. The only thing that’s left for him to do? Drink vodka and row away into the distance, in a nod to DiCaprio’s Revenant character. Classy, fake Leo, very classy.

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