Margot Robbie Is the Aussie Slang Translator We’ve Always Wanted

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Margot Robbie is great at explaining things. Exhibit A: her cameo in the The Big Short, in which she manages to break down the intricacies of complex finance concepts. Exhibit B: this helpful video from Vanity Fair, in which a beachside Robbie takes the time to translate 50 Australian slang terms into plain old English. (Spoiler alert: even the native Aussie is stumped by some of the weirder terms that her countrymen use. “Doovalacky,” anyone?)

In under four minutes, you can learn the proper way to use fun phrases like “fair dinkum” (“far out”) and “pash rash” (“when you kiss too much and your face is all red, you’ve got pash rash,” Robbie says). Turns out Aussie slang is heavy on the insults and terms to describe beers, parties and bathroom activity. Naturally. Also to note: “thong” and “fanny” have some rather different meanings Down Under.

So next time you chuck a sickie to hit up the bottle-o in your ute for a tinny, you can explain your whereabouts to your unenlightened American friends while maintaining that Aussie mystery about your activities. Accent not included. Thanks, Margot!


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