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Staples Helpfully Points Out That Kris Jenner’s Exclusive Diamond Necklace Is Just a Bunch of Paper Clips

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Kris Jenner just wants to show you how to live a glamorous life.

It’s why she tweeted about her exclusive necklace recently. Officially, it’s the Kris Jenner Signature Collection Elegance Pearl Necklace, which “epitomizes versatile elegance and is an exquisite, timeless classic,” according to the style description. (It’s part of her four-piece jewelry collection available on debutnetworks.com.) If Karl Lagerfeld will dress her, you know she’s an unstoppable fashion visionista so her recommendations matter.

Someone on social media duty at Staples Canada took one look at the reality matriarch’s jewelry and decided all of the essentials for this piece were available in aisle seven of the office supply store.

Kris’s necklace has roughly 32 clips, and a pack of 1,000 paper clips at Staples goes for $5.29, so you could easily adapt this look and help 33 of your friends epitomize versatile elegance for five bucks.

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