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June 30, 2016 7:05 AM EDT

The Bright Side in America Today

Of Revolutions and Reasons to Cheer

The Supreme Court Closes a Complicated Term with a Few Quiet Surprises

Brexit Will Erode the Values that Have Defined Europe

The Brexit Vote Heralds a Return to the Grim 1930s for the Liberal World Order

Our Backyard Is 85 Million Acres

The Immigrant’s Fate Is Everyone’s

9 Things to Fix—Now

Bread Is Better Than Ever

A Prison That Offers Hope

Giving Back Is a Birthright

12 Great Authors Pick Their Essential American Book

Authors from Ann Patchett to Curtis Sittenfeld share classic favorites

71 Celebrities Share Their Favorite Things About America

Picks from Frank Gehry, Blake Shelton, Martha Stewart, Neil deGrasse Tyson and many more

The 8 Best Seafood Spots in New England

We took the ultimate chowder and lobster road trip

The 8 Best BBQ Spots in the Carolinas

We took the ultimate Carolinas barbecue road trip

The 8 Best BBQ Spots in Texas

We took the ultimate Texas barbecue road trip

Turkey Has Become the New Front of ISIS’s War on the World

The latest bloody attack on civilians at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport proves Turkey is at the mercy of ISIS militants

Why Brexit Really Is a Big Deal for the U.S. Economy

We’re locked in a cycle of diminishing trust and diminishing economic returns – and things are only getting worse

Leaving the European Union Will Give Britain the Freedom to Thrive

Katy Perry Is America’s Ultimate Pop Star

A New Orleans Parade That Feeds the Soul

A New Wave of Johnny Appleseeds

We Have Deep Reserves of Civic Virtue to Tap

Hamilton Is Hitting the Road

A Niagra Falls Revival

Why Is the Court System So Slow?

Can We Correct Our Tunnel Vision?

Optimism Wins Out

We’re Sprucing Up Our Cinemas

We Love Our Novels Ambitious and Expansive

The City Where High School Grads Go to College for Free

A Place Where Learning Is Personal

Giving Back Is Good Business

In Iowa, It’s the Pies That Bind

Europe’s Crisis of Faith

People-Powered Budgets

Miami Is Beating the Sea

We Love Films That Want to Kill Us

Where Hash Browns Are Heavenly

A Night Game In Sunlight

You Can Tell Our Story In Summer Reads

We pick 18 new novels, biographies and memoirs spanning 240 years of history

The Best Hot Dog Is at the Ballpark — Really

The End of Bourbon’s Boys’ Club

These Kids Prove the Future Is Bright

The Ultimate Fourth of July Party

Let these experts help you throw the backyard bash of a lifetime

A Market for All Americans

Coal Country Goes Green

‘Peak TV’ Means a Boost for Character Actors

How Pat Summitt Transformed College Sports

Viral Stars Who Make the World Better

Where the Buffalo Roam Again

Blank Verse Under a Big Sky

Woody Guthrie Is In Good Hands

The Military Gets Crafty

Sunday School of the Free World

Why Do We Still Take Off Our Shoes for the TSA?

Cities That Embrace All Generations

The Death of the Bookstore Was Greatly Exaggerated

Why Don’t We Take Vacation?

New Hope for Paralysis

Even Hollywood Stars Can Go Home Again

Why Can’t We All Get Online?

An Electric Airplane

A Genius Still Inspires Greatness

A New Home for Our Missing History

The Real Genesis of the Modern Gym

A Festival That Brings It All Home

For the Record

Turns Out an ‘Emotional Vacation’ Was Just the Kind of Vacation I Needed

A Symbol We Can Share

Why Do We Still Tip?

A Government Thomas Jefferson Could Love

Health Care That Reaches Everyone

Why Is There So Much Cardboard?

Why Are Sports Events So Expensive?

Why Pay Interest on Student Loans?

Spotlight on American Voices: New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez

Our Midsize Cities Are Having a Renaissance

The Best Beer Anywhere

Our Cars Tell Stories

What You Said About …

A Renewable Fleet

We Still Play Ball In the Street

Why Are the Parks So White?

Celebrating what’s great about the nation doesn’t mean we should overlook problems we can fix. Here are some points worth addressing.

The Fish That Didn’t Get Away

The Rebirth of Tap

Songs for Your Soul

The Melting Pot Is for Real

Time Well Spent

One City Block Holds the World

Why Is This Airport So Terrible?

We Keep Seeking Inclusion

A Revival of Fun In the Sun

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