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If you only read one thing: The fight for GOP is heating up. No, not the will-they-won’t-they back Trump—though that’s still simmering. Two and a half weeks before the start of the Cleveland convention, Republicans are battling over the party after Trump. Decisions and votes taken at the GOP convention, including rules and platform changes, have the potential to reshape the party for a generation—perhaps even more so than its bombastic nominee. Seeking to learn from the lessons of the 2016 primary, and lay the groundwork for their preferred candidates in 2020, Republican delegates are considering a host of rules changes to the way the GOP selects a nominee. And the platform, which will never be fully embraced by Trump, is becoming a proxy fight among Trump reactionaries over which direction to take the party. Two camps are emerging: that of Ted Cruz, who has argued for years that the party needs to become more conservative to win, and that of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who is looking to bring about a more inclusive party rooted in economic reform. The winner of that fight won’t be determined for years, but they’re staking out their positions on the battleground in Cleveland.

Donald Trump is facing new scrutiny over another get-rich-quick business, Trump Institute, in which he rented out his name to seminar operators. The curriculum featured plagiarized text and questionable ideas masquerading as coming from Trump himself. Like Trump University, the business he owned directly, Trump Institute catered to people in need of more cash, and is set to be used by Democrats as an example of Trump trying to take advantage of those lesser off.

Trump—and Monarch butterflies—dominate North American leaders summit. McConnell dings the GOP nominee. And swipe Trump for love.

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Sound Off

“She hasn’t done anything about what’s going on.” —Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton and ISIS, the group that largely arose after she departed the State Department

“My hope is that he is beginning to pivot and become what I would call a more serious and credible candidate for the highest office in the land.” —Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to NY1 on Donald Trump

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