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How ‘American’ Are You?

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Americans may widely support fireworks, cookouts and days off work, but as we approach July 4, national opinion remains deeply divided over topics like gun control and climate change. This quiz will poll you on 10 questions from the Pew Research Center and tell you how strongly your opinions and habits align with the country at large.

Of course, all Americans are equally “American,” and few things are arguably more patriotic than holding unpopular or fringe opinions. This quiz will simply show you how close you are to the average citizen, based on nationally representative polls. The results may surprise you.

For each question, your score is simply the percentage of Americans who answered the same way as you did in a nationally representative poll. The final score is the average of these values. Thus, answering “yes” to a question in which the vast majority of Americans agree has more weight than a question in which the country is genuinely divided. Some questions were lightly reworded to fit a yes-or-no format.

With research by Rosalie Chan.

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