June 29, 2016 10:24 AM EDT

A train of passengers on the Odakyu Railway Japan were reportedly delayed “due to vegetables on the tracks,” according to RocketNews24.

The photos from the incident show at least 90 inconvenient taters on the tracks, which the train had to stop for between Yamato and Shonandai stations in Kanagawa Saturday. No one was injured. But passengers had to wait as the driver removed each of the potatoes, just as he was likely taught to do on Day 1 of train school. This is yet another classic example of Stuff That Could Easily Be Avoided When You Keep Track of Your Own Potatoes. People on Twitter delighted in stories of doomed taters, making use of excellent use of imaginary potato scenarios like, “didn’t feel like making fresh mashed potatoes?” and “the poor potatoes – they did nothing to deserve this!”


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