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Donald Trump’s Trade Flip Flop

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If you only read one thing: Over the course of the campaign, Donald Trump has promised to do a lot if elected president, but his promises Tuesday may be some of his boldest yet. Delivering the most detailed explanation of his economic vision for the U.S., Trump promised to reinvigorate domestic manufacturing from steel to the electronics industry, a move which would break more than three decades of declines due to trade and globalization. Advocating for the abrogation of trade agreements and higher tariffs on imports, Trump’s agenda will be a hard sell in Washington and around the world, flying in the face of the GOP’s agenda for generations. And as is often the case with Trump, it reverses his own position on globalization from just a few years ago, when he defended outsourcing and promoted globalization. It’s the latest indication that Trump views policy as something fungible—and sees the conflicting messages as an asset. His campaign goes out of its way to avoid clarifying the situation, leaving even his own supporters guessing about what he will do once in office—which is just the way Trump likes it.

Hillary Clinton called on the nation to “move on” from Benghazi after the release of the GOP report found no wrongdoing by Clinton in the 2012 terrorist attack, but the political hits will keep coming. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is claiming that his decision to vote for Clinton doesn’t amount to an endorsement—the same line Republicans who will vote for Trump have used.

Trump is spamming UK members of parliament. Paul Ryan calls for a free trade deal with the UK. And California to vote to legalize marijuana.

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Sound Off

“So, I’ll leave it to others to characterize this report, but I think it’s pretty clear that it’s time to move on.” —Hillary Clinton on the release of the Benghazi Committee’s report.

“A Trump Administration will also ensure that we start using American steel for American infrastructure.” —Donald Trump delivering his economic protectionism speech Tuesday in Pennsylvania.

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