June 28, 2016 6:09 PM EDT

Samantha Bee went Full Frontal on Donald Trump last night with a little help from a Time Lord.

When Donald Trump landed in Scotland on the morning that Brexit—England’s vote to leave the European Union—became official, he said that Scotland was “taking [their] country back,” which was, of course, not true. In fact, Scotland had overwhelmingly voted to stay.

Taking to Twitter, the Scots quickly proved that if insulting people were an Olympic sport, Scotland would take the gold. The highlight of the Full Frontal segment came when Bee enlisted Scottish actor David Tennant to read the colorful tweets sent out by the Scottish citizenry who were upset by Trump’s claim that they had voted to leave the E.U. The insults hurled at the Republican presidential nominee included calling Trump a “weapons-grade plum,” a “wiggy slice”, a “ludicrous tangerine ballbag,” and, the brief yet effective “numpty” along with many much less nice things, all read by the Doctor Who star.

Of course, Tennant’s pitch perfect recitation wasn’t the only incredible moment in the segment. Bee outdid herself going in on Brexit proponent Nigel Farage, giving the Scots a run for their insult money. “While millions of Brits were frantically Googling, ‘How do you spell E.U.?’ or just weeping uncontrollably,” Bee said, “Nigel Farage – leader of the right wing U.K. Independence Party, champion of the anti-Europe movement, and insufferable frog-faced wanker – was sharing his Brexit jubilation on the Good Morning Britain program by walking back promises about healthcare and magic beans.”

Naturally she ended the segment by pleading with the Doctor to take his Tardis and go back in time to fix the Brexit vote. Sadly he said no, the numpty.

Watch below.

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