June 29, 2016 10:35 AM EDT

A heroic Florida man saved a bunch of ducklings that were falling from a ledge at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Fla., last Saturday.

One never knows when they’ll be doing a ride-a-thon at an amusement park, and it will start unexpectedly raining ducklings. But when it does, hopefully a man of character, determination and reflexes like Eric Peln will be there on duck rescue duty.

According to Channing Deren, Peln’s girlfriend, who captured it all on Facebook, a duckling fell on her shoulder off of a nearly 30-foot-high ledge when Peln snapped into action. “Eric just went into beast mode and started catching ducklings from the sky!” his girlfriend wrote in a Facebook post, which so far has 80,000 views. Faced with multiple tumbling ducklings who all seemed to conclude that it was a rock solid idea to leap off a ledge to get to their mother, Peln was determined to save the day. Some of them fell together on a joint accidental suicide mission, but Peln still managed to break every last duckling’s fall.

Deren proudly reports that only one duckling suffered a broken leg, and that the rest joined their mother. This video could later be used as evidence if her boyfriend’s good guy cred is ever questioned. Watch below.

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