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Watch Seal Shut It All Down By Joining a Street Musician to Sing ‘Stand By Me’

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Seal was trying to find his hotel in Montreal, Canada Saturday, when he happened upon a singer who was minding his own business, playing songs on the street for the public.

And so feeling the groove, Seal joined him for a soulful rendition of the Ben E. King standby, “Stand By Me.” Watch how he slides in and applies his smooth Seal vibes on the song. It’s so slow and poignant that it’s only suitable for cry dancing alone.

For his part, the other musician who isn’t Seal, Jason Deeh Pitre from the band The Scroll, sang movingly too. On Facebook, Pitre wrote, “So when I meet a high caliber artist like Seal (with a world [renowned] voice) I feel very vulnerable and small. So when I sang my first sentence, I felt very scared because I didn’t wanna be a step down from Seal (there was a judging audience there after all). But after my second sentence, I realized ‘hey, my voice is actually pretty good’. Of course, I know I can sing, but what I mean is ‘wow, my voice is actually good next to Seal’s’.” According to Pitre’s Facebook post, the jam, and song selection was all Seal. The YouTube video so far has more than 70,000 views.

Pitre performed like a consummate pro as Seal stood by him, leaning on a tree in what appears to be a Canadian tuxedo. But even Pitre can’t believe what just happened when Seal exits his life after they embrace at the song’s end. Watch the snippet below so you’ll be prepared if Seal ventures into the world of free music in a city near you.

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