Apparently All Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Do Is Take Walks on Beaches

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Neither Kanye West’s very naked “Famous” video nor the controversial Brexit results could keep Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston from celebrating the 2-week anniversary of their very well-documented, budding romance in the United Kingdom this weekend with what appears to be their favorite activity: beach strolling.

The pair paid homage to their first outing as a couple by replicating their Rhode Island beach jaunt on the beaches of Suffolk, with not just one long walk on the beach, but two during a whirlwind 24-hour trip to the U.K.

According to the Daily Mail, the singer flew Hiddleston out to the U.K. on her private jet, accompanied by five bodyguards, because a getaway with an entourage is nothing if not very romantic. The pair then fittingly rented a “Bond-inspired” Jaguar and visited Hiddleston’s old stomping grounds, taking time to stroll on the beach with Hiddleston’s mother and sister.

As with all outings since this blossoming relationship started, it was faithfully documented by the paparazzi at a very close proximity, which is a real boon since Taylor has adopted a charming English country style since linking up with Hiddleston.

Stay tuned for more beach dispatches from Team Hiddleswift; after all, a couple that walks beaches together will probably, maybe stay together.

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