June 27, 2016 12:35 PM EDT

Psychologists and parenting experts have long stressed the important role that boredom plays for kids as a conduit to creativity. Boredom begets day dreaming and expanses of free time allow those daydreams to become realities. Like this group of creatives who dreamed of filling an above ground pool with Coca Cola and dumping in a bunch of Mentos for a caffeinated and undoubtedly sticky DIY tub. So they did it, and posted the whole thing on YouTube to help other bored kids wile away the hours.

After filling the pool with 1,500 gallons of Coke (or a camera-ready facsimile), the filmmakers poured in the Mentos, and ice and convinced Ryan, one of their stalwart crew members, to jump into their refreshing beverage pool. “I feel like I’m in a pool of Coke, man,” Ryan said in an accurate assessment of the situation.

To further stave off potential boredom, the “bros” then flew a drone straight into the pool, because why not, right? It’s summer after all. Watch below.

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