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A New Technique That Lets Scientists Edit DNA Is Transforming Science—and Raising Difficult Questions

How Orlando Resonated In One Neighborhood. And Inside One House

Bold, Brash and Under Renovation Donald Trump Hits Reset

India’s Success Is Built to Last


Buildings That Power Themselves

Bookseller’s Tale Shocks Hong Kong

Lam Wing-kee, one of five Hong Kong booksellers who vanished last year before turning up in Chinese custody, broke his silence on June 16 after eight months in detention. His revelations have enraged the territory.

In Sports and More, Moscow Is Bending the Rules to Get Ahead

R&B Star Maxwell Returns, With a Sultry, Timeless Groove

The Secret Lives of Fish

Father Doesn’t Always Know Best In Captain Fantastic

New Survey Brings Women Into the Action of Abstract Expressionism

What You Said About …

History Flies Free In Free State of Jones

Jo Cox

British lawmaker

Pop Chart

For Mr. Robot, the Devil Is In the Details

Can We Curb Gun Violence by Treating It Like a Disease?

For the Record

Rugby? Yes, Rugby

Carlin Isles and his “rocket shoes” are making the U.S. an unlikely contender

A Joyous Cleveland Braces for a Fractious GOP Convention

Iraq’s Fight for Survival

Before it can finally defeat ISIS, the country must solve its deep political divisions

The World’s Dispossessed

In 2015 the global number of refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced people reached 65.3 million, the highest total since records began. Here’s how the numbers break down.

The Rise of Alt Medicine


An American Underclass Is Up for Discussion

Shrinking States

The U.S. population grew to 321,418,820 people last year, up less than 1% over 2014, per new census figures. But that growth was not shared equally. Here are the states and territory that saw the largest drops.

A New Fight Over Digital Music

The New Reasons to Exercise

Freed, but Still Yearning to Escape In Thirteen

The Liberal Hypocrisy of ‘Free Speech’

Gawker Founder Nick Denton on Peter Thiel, ‘Conflict and Trollery’ and the Future of Media

‘I’ve always had a surprising amount of respect for Rupert Murdoch’

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