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A Guide to the Best Celebrity Selfie-Takers of All Time

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The word “selfie“was recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013, the same year it beat out “twerk” for Word of the Year. In the three short years since this momentous occasion, however, it’s completely dominated the social feeds, functioning as a form of self-expression, narcissism, and documentation of the times — and somehow being impossible to resist.

Celebrities, it seems, are no exception to the allure of a good selfie pic either, which is why we’ve rounded up the most memorable celebrity selfie-takers below, just in time for National Selfie Day.

Most Likely to Break the Internet With a Selfie — Kim Kardashian West

If there’s anyone that epitomizes the essence of the selfie, it’s Kim Kardashian West. Not only has she taken enough selfies to publish a book of them (yes, really,) she’s opened up conversations about slut-shaming and started feuding with Bette Midler of all people thanks to one very naked selfie in particular.

Best Selfie Newcomer — Tina Knowles Lawson

Ms. Tina is not only a talented costume designer and mother to some of the greatest talent in the world; she’s also a new addition to Instagram who has enthusiastically embraced the selfie. Like everyone’s favorite mom on Instagram, her pictures may not always be in focus and she tends to spam people’s feeds, but her selfie game is on point.

Still the Best Selfie of All Time — Ellen DeGeneres and friends

Enough said.

Most Likely to be the Dorian Gray of Selfies — J. Lo

Does this woman age? And if she is aging, does she age backwards? Jenny from the Block not only knows how to selfie like a pro, but she slays it every time. May we all selfie so fiercely in middle age.

Most Likely to Spam Your Feed Unapologetically — Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has no shame in her selfie game and definitely believes in the mantra that “more is more.” In fact, if you’re curious about what Cyrus is up to, a quick scan of her Instagram feed offers a general idea — she tends to document all activities with a gratuitous selfie, whether it’s doing yoga or cuddling with her pups.

Most Likely to Induce FOMO — Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s carefully curated brand is a mélange of award shows appearances, cats and kicking it with her very famous, very genetically blessed girl squad. Lucky for you, she thoughtfully takes lots of selfies with said squad doing activities and posts them on Instagram, creating massive amounts of FOMO.

Most Likely To Selfie With Their Significant Other — tie between Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

The Teigen-Legend household has long been a source of #RelationshipGoals. They cook together! They sing with Mariah Carey together! They double-date with Kimye at Waffle House! Couple that with Chrissy’s devotion to a great selfie and there’s no way you’ll miss a single John and Chrissy adventure.

However, young lovers Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s sweet selfies could stand to give John and Chrissy a run for their money.

Most likely to post an obscure gratuitous selfie — James Franco

James Franco marches to the beat of his own drum, something his selfies reflect deeply.

Selfie MVP — Kylie Jenner

While big sister Kim might break the Internet with her selfies, Kylie Jenner has practically made it an art form. The Cool Teen has turned her Instagram model vibes into a personal brand that has nabbed endorsements and helped her launch her own cosmetics line.

Most Likely to Get Kicked Off Instagram for Her Selfies and Not Care — Rihanna

There’s a reason why they call her Bad Gal Ri Ri — Rihanna has no problem taking a racy selfie or posting nudity on her account, which is how the singer got her Instagram suspended in 2014. However, she’s back and better than ever, no selfies hurt in the process.

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