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This Mashup Is the Perfect Blend of Every Song of the Summer Candidate

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Every year, a group of songs compete to be crowned the ultimate song of the summer: that one anthem that will come to dominate the airwaves and be the background jam to all your sun-drenched memories. In 2016, the field feels especially crowded, with offerings from pop heavy-hitters like Drake (with a song called “Summer Sixteen,” he’s basically begging for it), Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake all clambering to claim the title.

Luckily, there’s a happy compromise with DJ Earworm’s new “Summersmash ’16” mashup. The DJ is best known for his inevitably-viral end-of-year mashups, the “United State of Pop,” which cut together the year’s top tunes in a catchy send-off to the calendar year — a neat cultural artifact. So it only makes sense that he’d apply his skills to the field of summer favorites, resulting in a surprisingly seamless summer jam that will satisfy (almost) all your friends at once.

Now we can all just get along, right?

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