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June 19, 2016 1:38 PM EDT

Women on social media are using the hashtag #NoWomanEver to share stories of harassment they experienced with male strangers who approach them in public places in an effort to get the unsolicited attention to stop.

The typically one-line tweets detail unwanted interactions women have inside bars and stores and on the street with men who don’t react well to their rejections.

“When I turned him down, he profanely informed me that I will never get anyone as good as him. That definitely convinced me. #NoWomanEver,” one user wrote.

“I love when men bark and growl at me. It reminds me of being at home with my sweet puppies. #NoWomanEver,” another tweeted.

The trending hashtag was reportedly started on Saturday by a 37-year-old Atlanta woman named CJ, who was angry at a recent encounter, according to Buzzfeed News.

“It just really made me feel like we’ve had this conversation so many times, they should know to either leave people alone or not engage in the conversation,” she said. “I was honestly trying to lighten things up a little bit. I thought the snark and sarcasm behind it would change the energy behind the timeline.”

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