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Adele Has the Most Adele Reaction When Little Girl Reveals Something Onstage

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During a performance in Amsterdam on her world tour to promote the smash hit album 25, British singer-songwriter Adele took a moment to invite two little girls on stage. She then realized she’d known one of the girls as a baby, and her reaction is priceless.

In a video captured from the audience, Adele asks one of the girls where she lives.

“England. In London,” the girl says.

“Where in London?” says Adele.

“London London,” says the girl.

Adele pauses for a moment. “Oh. My. God…I knew you when you were a baby! I knew her when she was a baby!”

The girl is the daughter of Adele’s cellist who was then playing in the concert.

Adele follows that up with a string of exclamations, “Oh my god! Shut up! No way!”

Apparently being one of the most successful performers of all time doesn’t inure a person to that weird feeling of meeting someone and realizing you’ve known them for years.

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