By Sarah Begley
June 1, 2016

A woman infected with the Zika virus gave birth to a baby in New Jersey who doctors say was born with microcephaly.

The mother traveled to the U.S. from Honduras for treatment after experiencing Zika-like symptoms, the Associated Press reports. She was diagnosed with the disease, and ultrasound testing last week revealed the baby would be born with microcephaly, a birth defect characterized by an abnormally small head, which has been linked to Zika.

The baby has not been diagnosed with the Zika virus, but appears to be “completely Zika-affected,” a doctor said. In January, a baby infected with Zika was born with microcephaly in Hawaii.

A wave of Zika cases and a spike in babies born with microcephaly in Brazil have prompted some health experts to call for the summer Olympics to be relocated from Rio de Janeiro.


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