May 26, 2016 12:19 PM EDT

Mike Senatore — a teen who flipped a plastic water bottle on a table — has become the Internet’s latest obsession. A now-viral video documenting his feat shows the high school senior successfully performing the trick at a talent show, causing his classmates to go wild as he walks off the stage. “It’s just surreal,” Senatore told TODAY. “You just can’t process it. Something I do every day just became so big. People who know me know that I flip bottles.”

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The original clip has been liked nearly 69 thousand times and retweeted more than 47 thousand times since being posted on Twitter Tuesday by Senatore’s friend Wes Manning. “When I first showed Mike the video he loved it, but neither of us knew it would get this huge,” Manning told TODAY. “I’m just happy to have been able to show everyone how awesome it was! I think people love it because of its simplicity and the sincere reaction of our students.”

Watch the full video above.



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